Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it really O.K. for Israel to get so much special dispensation from the US?

Dairy tariffs eliminated: An under the table deal to benefit Israel, but not US dairy farmers. Once again, Israel, first; the US, second. Is that how our country should be run?

Published: Sunday, November 8, 2009 12:19 AM CST

Here’s news for you. I haven’t seen it in our papers nor heard it discussed on FOX or even MSNBC. Sad to say, its pertinent to those of you in Iowa who grew up on dairy farms or sell dairy products or make a living off the land.

According to research made public by If Americans Knew, Israeli wire service Ynet announced that President Obama recently signed a presidential memo eliminating a tariff or subcharges on dairy products that Israel ships to the United States. Seems that Dudu Buch, an Israeli export broker, takes credit for obtaining the protection from the levy for Israel saying that the company he represents will receive a $17,000 credit because of the deal.

Evidently, an Israeli attache expressed glee because he exclaimed aloud that the levy-leveling happened by presidential decree rather than through regular channels which means that Israel will have no fear that it will be placed on (Israel) again in the future. Hum!

Although the United States does not levy taxes on most imports we receive from Israel, this is new and previous administrations did not wave the usual tariff requirements for dairy product from Israel. Hum again! On top of this, The National Milk Producers Federation say that U.S. dairy producers have been facing unprecedented losses over the past year due to low milk prices and high input costs. Hum, yet again!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently joked that even with all the largess he gets from America he wouldn’t really want Israel to be Americas 51st state. Why? He said because he’d only have two senators representing him and not the many he has under his thrall, today. A final, hum.

Elizabeth Mayfield