Saturday, February 23, 2008

Poem for the Day

Bush went to Rwanda and what did he see?
Masses of humanity, believe me.
A world of troubles from SIDS to HIV
Killing fields remembered vitriolically.

“I’m gonna help,” said the Pres, “heal the sore.
It’ll take billions, but, hey, now’s ‘la jour!'
We need an idea that could help make ends meet
A focus with promise; an end game that’s neat.

"Where to get money, enough for the job,
While protecting our interests, my final big lob?
Surely, it’s easy, if I could just think. . .
My image is tattered, lost down the sink."

An American answers; small voice from the land,
“The good life for us, for none should be banned.
We live in a place that allows us our rights,
To speak out with candor and reason and might.

“With apartheid, oppression, no clear moral code
Why invest in a country so sure to implode.
Billions for Israel, plus rockets and gear,
Bring nothing to others but harm and more fear.

"Will Bush use the last of his time to consider
America's options or will he just dither?
Will he bend to a country that asks us to shirk
The path that our forefathers built in great hope.

"Take the billions, a war chest, from a cause that’s passé
And pass it to those who want a new way.
America’s strength lies in its giving,
If the gift brings to all – just and good living."


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