Saturday, February 23, 2008


Brenda Bentz is a savvy woman: loving and emotional and full of life. She loves and is loved and for good reason: she cares about people. After a recent trip to Palestine, for her a truly holy land, she began to share short vignettes accompanied by one or two pictures per story with her friends and family. So far, what's she has done is a blog without the site. The great thing is that I can look at her stories and read them in just a minute or two before delving into my day or panicking about what to have for dinner, or jumping under the warmth of my feather comforter for a cozy night's rest. Her writings are a sort of a devotion for me. As I do the ordinary things that fill my day, I think of people who must sleep on cold, hard floors in hopes that missiles will fly over their heads and miss their bodies or who hope that no hooligans jump out of the banana groves to take the little they have in the dark of night or the extremely well-educated friends of mine who live in left over Communist cement block apartments with only a hope that they'll have water each day. I am reminded of these things, and I am prompted to write my stories, too. I want to give 2-minute reprieves from the mundane, the luxurious or the ease of life that bless many, though not all, in American. So, I dedicate this little bit of work to my beloved Brenda and many of the ideas and emotions to the parents who brought me up to care about everyone and the great Bishop Tutu who is a religious leader that lights any semblance of spirituality still left in me. I shall begin.


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