Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Issues that are facing Israel

Published: Friday, April 17, 2009 4:28 PM CDT
I have not written about Gaza because it is too obvious. What is new about an occupying army that kills a thousand defenseless civilians and maims a few thousand more? What is there to know? How many girls without arms and boys without legs?

The new Israeli Foreign Minister is an ex-bouncer from Moldava, he is being investigated for fraud, and he claims the Annapolis

initiative by the Bush administration is null and void. Oh?

An Israeli general flew on Al El to London, but stayed on the aircraft and went back to Tel Aviv. Why? Because British police were going to arrest and charge him with crimes against humanity if he set foot on British soil.

The CIA released a report concluding Israel may not last 20 years, and it will fall like apartheid South Africa fell: quickly, quietly and without bloodshed. Why? As New York Times columnist Ethan Bronner reported, the main problem Israel has is that Jews don’t want to live there, preferring the U.S. and France, and even Turkey and Iran.

Some Israeli exporters have discounted prices 60 percent or more. Why? Because people are not buying products from Israel. There is a growing boycott and divestment by several countries and large Protestant denominations.

The federal judiciary of Spain is investigating war crimes charges against Israeli officials. The UN investigator for human rights, Richard Falk, called for an independent inquiry into Israel’s violation of international humanitarian law, as have many others.

The Arab League has offered the Israeli government full recognition and a comprehensive peace with all countries of the region, including Iran and Hamas, who have accepted this offer. Israel has rejected it.

I know these things by reading the Israeli press, which is actually fair and balanced.

John Hauptman



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