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I wonder ...


Published: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:29 AM CST
Many settlers came to Iowa, attracted by its rich land and the abundance of crops it produced.

Those settlers came from the East Coast of the United States and from foreign countries such as Germany, Ireland and others. All of the settlers lived and worked together to produce such abundance that Iowa was soon feeding most of the country/world/whatever.

But the time came when thousands and thousands of folks from the East Coast experienced mass foreclosures on their homes and their livelihoods and were evicted. These East Coast folks, for very good, historical, and even Biblically based, reasons decided to settle in, and establish their own government in the state of Iowa.

They were supported in their claim on Iowa by several foreign entities that did not really want all of those immigrants coming to their lands.

The time came when the national government decided to let the East Coast people move to Iowa, establish a government and evict all of the non East Coast natives from their homes of many years. Those who were evicted had no say and no input into the decision.

Eventually, the Iowans who were not of native East Coast origin were offered a small portion of Iowa for their land — the hilliest, driest segment, with the least access to water.

When Iowans fought back, they were called terrorists and intransigent. Then the East Coast folks wanted more land than what they already have taken, so they infringed on the already small segment left to the Iowans by coming in and taking over some of the more productive farms.

The Iowans were pushed onto smaller and smaller parcels of land. To control the Iowan terrorists, walls are built around their towns and cut them off from other Iowans in other towns, which are also walled off.

I wonder ...

Gayle Hoepner


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