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THE PUBLIC RELATIONS WAR IN AMES, IOWA Truth-Lying --Trying to get to the Truth

(on and on it goes)

How to Lie While Telling the Truth
Published in the Ames Tribune
July 1, 2008
By: Betsy Mayfield

I do not like to directly respond to the opposition's whines about how terrible the Palestinians and the Arabs are, but I have to bite the carrot that Pnina Luban dangled in her letter, "60 years of Israel," (Trib., June 10) about the position Vladimir, "Zev", Jabotinsky expressed in his infamous 1923 letter/s that helped create Revisionist Zionism. Published for the pro-Zionist rank and file on November 4, 1923 in the publication Rasswyet, among other places, Jabotinsky began to twist Zionism from a relatively benign religious movement initiated by rabbis who sought to keep their members from assimilating and putting nationalism above religiosity to a political entity that has kept a violent winner-take-all mentality going for 60-years, officially, and another 85-years dating from Jabotinsky's demand. (No, this conflict is not 2,000 years old.) Yes, Jabotinsky did start his prospectus to his fellows with a rational paragraph quoted by Luban. Before going on to explain to his compatriots that crushing the Palestinians was the only way to assure lasting success for Zionism (forget Judaism), he eased into his ugly rhetoric saying, "we shall never do anything contrary to the principle of equal rights (for Christian and Muslim Arabs & Jews) and we shall never try to eject anyone." Luban spoke the truth in quoting this line; but since it is only a slice of the truth, she hides what Jabotinsky goes on to say about a crime against humanity that has caused unimaginable pain for the Arabs involved not to forget Israelis who went to the Middle East hoping for safer, fuller lives without the guile essential to violently taking another people's land and destroying an entire culture.

In spite of promising words, Jabotinsky was decidedly Machiavellian in his consequential 1923 decree. Being candid is an understatement when it comes to Jabotinsky. The guy said what he meant; no holds barred. "My emotional relationship to the Arabs is the same as it is to all other people - polite indifference," he tells us. Today, we've been taught that indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love. Jabotinsky didn't hate the Arabs or the Palestinians; he just didn't care what Zionism did to them.

Next Jabotinsky explained what we all know, "Any native people. . .view their country as their national home. . .And so it is for the Arabs." (Note the recognition of Palestine as country and Arabs as indigenous people, a comment which belies Golda Meir and other's famous lie, "Palestine is a land without a people for a people without a land.") In 1923, Jewish immigration, as such, was viewed with concern by the local Arab population. Then, a justifiable fear of a land grab led to clashes and the beginning of serious violence. Zionists went to Israel well aware that it would take war to get the land they wanted, and the US and Britain knew this, too.

Consider the advice in the rest of Jabotinsky's 1923 open letter: "Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. . . This does not mean that any kind of agreement is impossible, only a voluntary agreement is impossible. . . The only path. . .is an iron wall, that is to say the strengthening in Palestine of a government without any kind of Arab influence, that is to say one against which the Arabs will fight. . .For us the only path to an agreement in the future is an absolute refusal of any attempts at an agreement now" (. . .or ever). After the initial statement, Zabotinsky continued his rant in fevered favor of a Zionist occupation of the Holy Land and this had nothing at all to do with God or the Old Testament or Revelations, a wish for peaceful co-existence or a just peace. Jabotinsky and a whole lot of nationalists just wanted to take everything and they didn't care a hoot about the implications of their plan on the Middle East or the world. Unfortunately, this selfishness continues to prevail. As for Jabotinsky, he got tired of having to urge his compatriots on. He wrote, "Zionism is a colonizing adventure and therefore it stands or falls by the question of armed force. It is important to build, it is important to speak Hebrew (an issue of the 1920s), but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot - or else I am through with playing at 'colonialization'."

When David Ben Gurion became Israel's first prime minister, it is said that his first act was to hang a picture of Jev Zabotinsky above his desk. Today, we are drawn into an endless war of wills that began long before the Holocaust was a mere twinkle in an evil eye. The hostilities have continued from Ben Gurion to Olmert with Sharon finally having the essential ruthlessness to actually raise Zabotinsky's iron wall, an act that infringes on peace for Israel and for the Middle East as well as on the United States, especially if Israel's supporters continue to influence our government as they have for the last 60 years. To read the whole story from Luban's start to my finish, check http://www.cactus48.com/verses.html or google Vladimir Jabotinsky. The Israeli-Palestine debacle may not intrigue you as much as local news, but it is a story for our times, perverted with as much conspiracy and adventure as a story from Tolkien or CS Lewis or the realities of WWI or WWII.

Elizabeth S. Mayfield
Published: Ames Tribune, July 1, 2008


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