Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear friends,

On this day (April 15) in 1948, Zionist (pre-Israeli) forces occupied
the following Palestinian villages:

al-Manshiyya (Tulkarem)
Khirbat Zalafa (Tulkarem)
Khirbat al-Sarkas (Haifa)
al-Dalhamiyya (Tiberias)
al-Tira (Baysan)
Nitaf (Jerusalem)

Almost every day, particularly this season, you can find at least one
(and sometimes, like today, many) Palestinian villages attacked,
occupied, and destroyed exactly 60 years ago. If you are interested
in more information about the 534 occupied/destroyed Palestinian
villages and the now millions of refugees originally from those
places, you can search by date, village, or district on

I am currently working with many other Jewish people throughout North
America to remember the Nakba and stand in solidarity with Palestinian
resistance to Zionism. I have written about the campaign and petition
before, which you can find at But now... our
Haggadah supplement is ready as well! So for any of you who are
organizing or attending Passover seders this weekend, take a look. It
is not intended to be a full Haggadah - you can pick and choose what
to put into your seder:

Remembering and Resisting,


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